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May 15-20     Residency at the Luminary Center for the Arts in St. Louis.


May 18     Come visit the Taco Encampment from 12-6 pm and then stick around from 6-8 pm for 'Here,' a participatory workshop.


May 19     Taco Encampment Grand Opening from 6-8 pm.


May 20     Come visit the Taco Encampment again from 12-3 pm.


May 21-29     Residency at Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City.


May 21     Neighbors celebrating neighbors at Troost Fest.


May 24     Artist talk and gathering at La Esquina.


More events on the other side of the river in KC Kansas. Visit the next state for details!

Ricos Tacos Lupe
La Fonda El Taquito
Taqueria Mexico
Tacos El Gallo
La Posada
Mexico Vive Aqui
El Carrito
El Bronco

What's it going to take for us to live together interculturally?

Stop being envious and jealous. Be happy with your own gifts. Find ways of utilizing them and help people celebrate their own blessings. (Andrew, St. Louis)

Educate [shine a light], share, and listen. (Saad, St. Louis)

A catastrophe. It seems to be the only way to bring people together. (Kevin, St. Louis)

Love and understanding. And an alien invasion because then we would have a common enemy. (Ted, St. Louis)

It's going to take a lot of people [White men of a certain generation] dying off. (Terry, St. Louis)

Respect. And take time with people. (Linda, Alton IL and St. Louis)

We want everyone to look like us, sound like us, talk like us. But there's a difference between a cat and a dog for a reason. We need to take time to understand these

     differences. (Brian, St. Louis)

Not electing Donald Trump. And education! I teach about race and immigration, and I make it accessible. (Emily, St. Louis)

I don't know. I grew up in the 60s and I thought we had taken care of all this, but it's coming around again. We need to raise our kids the right way, and tackle

     issues from the ground up. You can't legislate it. (Kat, Kansas City)

It's going to take a tragedy. People don't understand until something happens to them. Then they want to get involved. (Rosetta and Linda, Kansas City)

It's going to take God. If God's not in it, we're spinning our wheels. (Denise, Kansas City)

Greater reintegration of neighborhoods and schools. (Susan, Kansas City)

A safer environment. (Deja, Kansas City)

Having an "angry area" full of objects that you can go hit when you feel anger. (Semahj, Kansas City)

Start knowing people on a first-name basis. (Ina, Kansas City)

My high school experience was very intercultural. That's what made the difference for me. Also, the Internet is taking hands-on learning away from our kids. We need to

     change that. (Donetta, Kansas City)

Food. Knowledge. Education. (Jamesha, Kansas City)

Start educating kids from a very young age. And I'm not talking about math. (Keyla, Kansas City)

One thing that seems obtainable is that we need to learn more about each other. We have to be able to see these nuggests of commonality. So many are focused on our

     differences, but when we know about something we have less fear. The bottom line is, we're either created by the same Creator, or created by the same cosmic dust.

     (Gaylene, Hunkpapa/Oglala)

It starts in the front room with our kids. The media keep us stupid, but we need to raise our kids right. (Anna, Stoney Tribe)



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