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May 26-28     Ongoing residency with Charlotte Street Foundation.


May 26     Meet at Epic Clay Studio in Kansas City's historic Strawberry Hill district at 5 pm. After some introductory remarks, we will head out into the neighborhood on a progressive dinner tour/talk of local taquerias. YUM!


May 28     Fiesta at Kaw Point Park at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers. Bike with us to the park [2 pm departure from Charlotte Street Foundation], or join us there at 3 pm. Details to follow about other groups who will be participating.

El Camino Real
Bonito Michoacan
Tacos El Guero
Carniceria El Torito II
Carniceria La Siete
Mi Pueblito
Tacos el Tio
Frontera's Restaurant

What's it going to take for us to live together interculturally?

Not elect Donald Trump. He appeals to the most xenophobic people. We can't live together if we're afraid of people who are different. (Charlene, Kansas City)

It will take releasing your ego. Ego tells you 'You're better than that person.' Accept flaws of yourself and of others. (Anonymous, Kansas City)

My litmus test is, how many people of different origins came to your house when you were growing up? (Barb, Kansas City)

Opening our culture to one another. (Bobby, Kansas City)

The more people you meet, the more you can appreciate one another. (Clay, Kansas City)

You've got to let people in. (Wayne, Kansas City)

It's easier to breed in ignorance than to breed it out. So we need education from a very early age. And it starts in the home. (Dave, Kansas City)

Learning to live with what indigenous systems have given us. (Maura, Cherokee/Mattamuskeet)

We need to teach our children that we're all the same on the inside. And we want the same things for our children--to be happy and successful. (Sarah, Kansas City)

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