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About Tug Collective

In existence since 2006 under the co-facilitation of Gaelyn and Gustavo Aguilar, Tug is a collective focused on interdisciplinary re/search, new forms of contemporary social practice, and participatory, problem-based interventions that tackle the cultural politics of contemporary border regions in North America. To learn more, please visit .

About Who Eats at Taco Bell?

American attitudes, institutions, and politics are changing dramatically as the United States finds itself on the cusp of becoming a nation with no majority demographic group. Changes like this, however, often expose underlying fears and uncertainties that can lead to tension and conflict, even as they reveal implicit assumptions and biases that have existed in the popular imagination for some time around what it means to be an American. Under the surface of recent debates around immigration policy and racial justice lies this fundamental question: As these demographic changes are inevitable, what is it going to take for us to truly live interculturally?


Tug will hit the road—starting at the Camp Dubois confluence of Wood River and Hartford, Illinois on May 14, 2016 and ending in Seaside, Oregon on July 16—to deepen understanding and action around the attitudes and ideas our country has inherited. We are working closely with national and community partners, who hold a density of local knowledge and practice that we can learn from and share authorship with, in order to tailor the architecture of the experience to local needs. This means each stop in the tour with necessarily look a little different. The audiences and partners will vary, the discussion themes and event formats will vary, as will the venues—some will be community-based and others renegade style (e.g. pop-up conversations in local farmers markets and other community sites). Nonetheless, there will be key elements that we’re bringing with us that will coalesce in varied ways to spark reflection and connection around these themes. So...why tacos? Click here to read more.

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