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July 11-15     Residency with the Lower Columbia Diversity Project in Astoria.


July 13     Astoria City Council Meeting


July 14    Taking it to the streets from 3-6 pm at the River People Farmer's Market in Astoria. Evening performance at the Peace Lutheran Church across the street [12th and Exchange] at 7:30 pm.


July 15     Talk at the Astoria Public Library at 6 pm.


July 16     Expedition ends in Seaside.

La Cabana D Raya
Monte Alban
Plaza Jalisco
El Tapatio
El Catrin
El Compadre
El Azadero

What's it going to take for us to live together interculturally?

It's going to take respect. Having a regard for people and their differences. Not judging people. (Sue, Astoria)

One-on-one communication to make connections. And food! The food we're eating is taking people away from culture. We need to use food as a centerpiece of

     culture. (Mary, Astoria)

Gun laws! We have to get rid of automatic weapons. (Neil, Astoria)

Human kindness. Accepting others as they are. Respecting and honoring other traditions. (Dianne, Astoria)

It's going to take us. Look at us! (Raja and Kathleen, an interracial couple, Astoria)

To know people, because people fear what they don't know. And, enough with the lables! (Joyce, Astoria)

We need to be able to talk to people. (Jean, Astoria)

Understanding. Compassion. Love. Patience. Tolerance. All of the things that many of us are lacking. People are hurting. They're depressed. We all start out with great

     attributes, but life happens to us. There should be differences without feeling threatened. (Kat, Astoria)

Treat people like regular people. (Jack, Astoria)

As long as we stay issue oriented, we can work together on problems. (Carol, Astoria)

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