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June 15     Pop-up conversations at the headquarters of the National Historic Lewis and Clark Trail in Omaha.


June 16     ARTalk and opening at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha.


June 17      Engaging with folks at the North Omaha Farmer's Market in collaboration with the Union for Contemporary Art in Omaha.


June 18     Cooking and exploring the creative process with Art Club youth at the Union for Contemporary Art.


El Gavilan
La Fiesta
El Dorado
La Choza
El Toro
El Rey
El Ranchito
El Chalan
El Alamo
El Chavo
Don Gaby's y San Luis
La Michoacan
Mi Familia
La Guadalupana
La Juanita
Mi Rancherita
La Salsita

What's it going to take for us to live together interculturally?

I grew up with lots of friends from different cultural backgrounds at my home for dinner. That's what it's going to take. (Lily, Omaha)

It's going to take stripping away layers of privilege. (Sarah, Omaha)

Time. There are cracks in the pavement right now that make people uneasy. (Jeff, Omaha)

We need to be living on a higher plane. (Sarah, Omaha)

We've made great strides in this country. Many behaviors that still exist are seen as wrong by larger society. But we need to stay on top of things. When you start to think

     that you've solved the problem, that's when there's a problem. (Mark, Omaha)

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