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June 20-26     Residency at the Holter Museum of Art in Helena.

June 23     Open House at the Holter from 5-7 pm.

June 24     Cooking and culture with youth involved in the Passport on a Plate program at the Holter.

June 25     Open House at the Holter  from 11 am to 2 pm. Performance of Small Acts of Repair from 2-3 pm.


June 27-July 2     Residency at FrontierSpace in Missoula.

El Vaquero
Fiesta Mexicana
Taco Treat
Viva Mexico
Fiesta En Jalisco
El Diablo
Taco Treat
El Cazador
Taco Sano

What's it going to take for us to live together interculturally?

We have to reframe how we look at the Other. We are taught in school along the lines of a binary. We need to get rid of this--get rid of the exotic and primitive--and

     reframe as beauty and intrigue. (Kimberly, Helena)

There's no reason for people in this town to engage with this question. They don't have to think about living interculturally because we're all White and we treat

     natives like shit. (Chris, Helena)

I've traveled to India, Russia, Kashmir, all over Europe. I'm always seeing people that look like someone I know here. It reminds me that we're all one human race. In a

     small town like this, we have to get along. We have no choice. Also, in the words of a Zen master, "Cease to do evil. Learn to do good. Purify the heart. (David,


We seem to be at a critical point, even though we have always had our ups and downs. (Sandra, Helena)

It's already happening with the younger generation. It's just that some people are nervous about it. (Anonymous, Helena)

It IS already happening...and it's exciting. (Pam, Helena)

We need to get comfortable with difference so that those differences don't matter. (Alec, Helena)

Sit at a table with a family from somewhere else. (Paula, Helena)

We need for people to listen to each other's stories without judgement and make human connections. (Marc, Missoula)

We need to mitigate the deletirious effects of this strange partisanship--the elitism, the fear, the paranoia, the arrogance, the aggression--through communication

     and education. (Jim, Missoula)

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. (Whitney, Missoula)

I have to hope that wha't ingrained in me will pass on to my children. (Crystal, Missoula)

We need to understand where our own hate is coming from. (Laura, Missoula)

Don't be divisive. (Sarah, Missoula)

Understanding and appreciating the benefits of other cultures. People aren't evil because they are different. (Matt, Missoula)

We need principles. (Karah, Missoula)

We need to build camaraderie and trust. When people feel safe in a group, they're apt to return to that group because it feels like home. (Katrina, Missoula)

Banish the Cult of Victimhood. Everything in your life is your responsibility. (Brent, Missoula)

It would help if we had less income disparity. (Joe, Missoula)

If only John Maynard Keynes were alive today! (Chris, Missoula)

It seems possible, We've been doing it all our lives. (Chris, Missoula)

Steady. Steady. Steady. One foot at a time. (Frank, Missoula)

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